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As social media continues to show its power in reaching targeted audiences more brands are now flocking to maximize their reach. Put your money where your mouth is and we'll help you do the rest.

Fearless and Free 2016 Conference

Overview:  The women's ministry at World Overcomers Christian Church hosted its second annual Fearless and Free conference and they wanted to reach more women outside of its ministry. Belle Social developed a paid social strategy to reach women in surrounding areas.


  • Reached over 85,000 women
  • Drove nearly 1,000 clicks to the website
  • Increased engagement on content related to the conference

Red Hat: Collaboration Campaign

Overview:  Red Hat strives to stay top of mind with tech enthusiasts. The collaboration campaign was created to serve up human-interest content that was created or supported by the brand.


  • Accumulated over 750,000+ impressions
  • Exceeded tweet engagement rate industry standards nearly nine time

Campaign was led by Vykky who is an employee of the organization.

Durham Ritz Car Wash & Detail Center

Overview:  The Durham Ritz has been a longtime community staple, but felt their brand wasn't being introduced to people moving to the area. Their goal was to increase local brand awareness.


  • Accumulated over 138,000+ impressions
  • Increased following on Facebook